5 Things To Consider Before Getting Solar

When most homeowners think of installing solar, popular reasons include that it is environmentally friendly and will save money on electric bills. Both are true and can be easy to achieve but Super Solar is here to shine a light on any solar questions you may have.

Below are five of the most popular questions homeowners ask when beginning the solar system process:

Is my home located in a good spot for a solar power system?

The first thing that our team of energy experts will inspect is your roof. In order to confirm that your home qualifies for a solar rooftop, we want to ensure that there is enough surface area for solar panel installation without obstructions like chimneys, roof pitches, etc. At that time, our team will also determine that your roof receives enough direct sun exposure.

Would I have to fix my roof first?

At Super Solar, our top priority is energy conservation. We start with a free home energy evaluation to identify and diagnose any energy “leaks” before any installation. This assessment calculates your energy consumption and reviews any upgrades that will reduce energy use. By eliminating any ventilation, HVAC or insulation issues beforehand, we can design the best solar system for your home. This ensures we can conserve your spending and maximize your return on solar investment.

How many solar panels would I need, and how much would an installation cost?

This will be personalized to your home’s size and scope. As part of Super Solar’s installation, any and all solar panels installed come with a 25-year production guarantee. We also offer a 15-year workmanship warranty that covers any roof penetration.

After considering the expenses, how much money will I really save over time?

Local, state and federal incentives offset much of the initial cost of a solar system. At this time, Floridians also do not have to pay sales or property taxes for residential solar panels. Additionally, with Florida’s Solar and CHP sales tax exemption, you can save 6% of what you would otherwise owe in taxes. And if you purchase before December 31, 2021, you can save up to 26% with the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. To see a full description of solar incentives, visit our Cost of Solar page.

With a Super Solar system, you can expect to save 80-90% of your electricity bill. Also included in your solar power system, is a 24/7 system monitoring app. You can track solar panel efficiency, details on the amount of energy and money saved over time with this helpful app.

Does my town/city/utility support the use of solar panels?

Yes! Currently, Tampa Electric Company (TECO), Duke Energy, and Florida Power & Light (FPL) all offer utility net metering programs in Florida.

Net metering, a billing process that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid, is a great incentive to take advantage of. If your solar system generates more electricity than your home requires, the excess energy will go back to the grid, and you’ll be issued a credit on your next utility bill.

Have more questions? Head to the Super Solar FAQs page to learn more or give us a call at (813) 680-5825 to continue the conversation with one of our energy experts.