Super Solar is a whole-home efficiency company located in Tampa, Fla., that specializes in solar power, HVAC services, and many more energy-saving solutions!

Our #1 goal is energy efficiency. We aim to provide affordable solutions to lower or even eliminate your electric bill! Our quality standards are second to none, and our thousands of satisfied customers are happy to support that claim.

We believe it doesn’t make much sense to put solar panels onto a “leaky” home. That’s why our process begins with a full home energy assessment to detect any upgrades that can be made first to become more efficient. We’ll determine whether the reduction in solar panels outweighs the cost of energy upgrades your home may need, so that you can make the most beneficial and cost-effective decision for your specific situation. Once we’ve reduced your home energy consumption, we’ll cover the rest of your usage with solar power!

We utilize cutting-edge solar engineering and solar design software to customize a system specifically intended for your roof. Our software considers weather patterns, shading, LiDAR (light detection and ranging), and hours of sunlight to project your solar energy production much more accurately than a traditional site survey.

Let us help you unleash your home’s super power! Give us a call at (813) 867-2311 or request a free home evaluation today.

Advantages to Whole Home Efficiency

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yellow checkmark Reduce or Eliminate Electricity Bills

yellow checkmark Extend the life of your HVAC

yellow checkmark Reduce Gas Bills

yellow checkmark Increase Your Home Equity

yellow checkmark Increase Comfortability in Your Home

yellow checkmark Create a Cleaner Environment for Future Generations

yellow checkmark Lower Your Carbon Footprint

yellow checkmark Have Room to Grow Your Solar System, Should You Need More Power in the Future

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