Our Process

At Super Solar Tampa solar power company, our top priority is energy conservation. We believe it doesn’t make much sense to put solar panels on a “leaky” home, which is why we start with a free home energy evaluation.

Step 1: Determine if Your Home Qualifies for Solar

First and foremost, we will check to see if your home qualifies for a solar rooftop. We’ll want to make sure there’s enough surface space for solar panel installation without many obstructions (i.e. chimneys, pipes, roof pitches, etc.). We’ll also determine if your roof gets enough sun exposure, and isn’t covered by too much tree shade.

Step 2: Whole Home Energy Evaluation

Once we know your home is a good candidate for solar installation, we’ll do a thorough energy audit. We want to conserve your spending and maximize your solar return on investment. That’s why we do a full assessment to determine your home energy consumption and review upgrades that can be made first to reduce your home energy use. This includes evaluating everything that consumes energy, from your HVAC and insulation, to your water heater and thermostat.

Step 3: Weigh the Cost of Solar Panels Needed vs. Energy Saving Upgrades

From here, we’ll discuss if reducing the number of solar panels for your home will outweigh the cost of energy upgrades, and give you an honest opinion on which upgrades would be most beneficial to your specific situation.

Step 4: Custom Quote Your Solar Panel Cost

Once we’ve reduced your home energy consumption and electric bill, we’ll cover the rest of your usage with solar power!

Unleash your home’s super power and get started with your free energy evaluation today! Fill out the form below or give us a call at: (813) 867-2311.

Advantages to Whole Home Efficiency

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yellow checkmark Reduce or Eliminate Electricity Bills

yellow checkmark Extend the life of your HVAC

yellow checkmark Reduce Gas Bills

yellow checkmark Increase Your Home Equity

yellow checkmark Increase Comfortability in Your Home

yellow checkmark Create a Cleaner Environment for Future Generations

yellow checkmark Lower Your Carbon Footprint

yellow checkmark Have Room to Grow Your Solar System, Should You Need More Power in the Future

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