Can You Install Solar Panels on A Metal Roof?

If Florida summers have your house feeling warmer than a cat on a hot tin roof, it might be time to think about installing solar panels on your metal roof. Why not take advantage of those sunny rays with a new solar system that will offer some great financial incentives for your family? Super Solar’s team of energy experts shares why it is possible to install solar panels on your metal roof. 

Even if the most common roofing material is asphalt shingles because they’re cost-effective, durable and available in an array of colors and styles, they are not the only option for solar panel installations. One of the main concerns with rooftop solar systems is ensuring a roof’s integrity is strong. If a roof fails early, it’s an added expense to remove the solar panels before the roof can be repaired. But because metal roofs age well, this is rarely an issue with solar panel installations. 

Installing solar panels on a metal roof is different from the traditional installation on a shingled roof. With the latter, solar racking attaches to feet that are bolted into the shingles and sheathing underneath. In order to guarantee the connection is waterproof, sealants and flashing are also added. On the contrary, most metal roofs do not require penetrations for installations. Some installations will use clamps to mount onto raised seams or even bolt directly through the metal.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of metal roof designs and how the installation process would work. Most homeowners have a standing seam metal roof where individual metal panels are attached together through a crimped connection that is placed vertically to the roof’s surface, no penetration is needed. This creates a “standing seam” that is perfect for solar panel installation. With this roof design, a clamp can grip securely to the seam without altering the roof permanently or creating additional entry points for moisture. However, in industrial aesthetics or barns, you would traditionally see metal roofs made of corrugated steel. Because of this design, any solar mounts would be secured with bolts, which would mean penetrating the roof. In order to prevent any leaks, a sealant or adhesive would be added. 

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