Ground Mounts vs. Roof Mounts – Which Is Right for You

Installation is essential in most things. Unwieldy wagon wheels never helped anybody. And neither did improperly installed solar panels. At Super Solar, we encourage full transparency throughout our solar installation process – from start to finish. Let’s begin by taking a deeper dive into which mounting system makes the best sense for your home. But first things first, what are ground and roof mounts? 

If you’ve driven past a meadow of solar panels, then you’ve seen ground mounts in action. This process secures solar panels to a rack structure that is adhered to steel beams or metal posts. These types of systems are then generally installed in an open area or as a carport over a parking lot. For those that don’t have enough usable roof space or prefer not to mount permanently, this is a great alternative! Roof mounts are the more common type of installation. Panels sit on solar racking, which holds the panels steady and are directly attached to flat or sloping roofs. Shingle, metal, or rubber roofing materials are all conducive for this type of installation. 

Homeowners will find pros and cons with both types of mounts. Roof mounts will take advantage of a space that isn’t otherwise used, giving you so much room for activities! It also provides extra protection from weather elements or any unexpected visitors that may want to access the system. Perhaps the biggest pro is that the cost of a typical installation price is far lower than a ground mounted system. This may sound like a sweet deal but depending on the age and condition of your roof, homeowners may require a new roof before installation can begin. With the added weight from the panels, in some cases additional support mechanisms are required. 

Ground mounts are more of a solar chameleon. They can be installed to face multiple directions in almost any location that optimizes energy production. Because of their installation, they are easily accessible for any needed maintenance while also providing shading and protection for any parked vehicles. This does chalk them up to being a bit of a space hijacker since the installation requires large areas of land. This open concept also creates an increased chance for debris from maintenance equipment like mowers. Before committing to this type of installation, ensure that you have accessible terrain and a long-term plan for the land used.

Both roof and ground mounted solar systems offer homeowners great options. It all comes down to the best fit for your family and home. That’s where Super Solar comes in. With our team of energy experts ready to recommend and guide you to the most energy efficient options, you can’t go wrong. Schedule your free energy evaluation today or give us a call at (813) 680-5627 today.