How To Get Your Solar Install HOA Approved

You can put the summer sausage back because you won’t need a gift basket in order to gain your homeowners association’s approval for a new solar system. Super Solar’s team of energy experts can help navigate any curveballs the homeowners association may throw your way when it comes to a new solar system installation. 

Florida takes its solar energy solutions very seriously. As we should in the Sunshine State! So, if you decide to install solar panels on your home but live in a neighborhood that also has a homeowners association (HOA) or a condominium owners association (COA), it’s important to know your rights. Amended in the 1990s, the Florida Solar Rights Law forbids any binding agreement between an entity like an HOA or COA that would prohibit a property owner from installing a solar system. According to Florida Statute 163.04, an HOA/COA may restrict where the solar panels are placed but not if the system will suffer as a result. These groups are allowed to require approval of solar system plans before installation but must not be contingent upon factors that would prevent installation. Additionally, House Bill 697 extended these rights to condominium boards who can now install solar on their properties to benefit unit owners without their prior approval. It also allows a unit owner to install solar within their own condominium.  

Though, HOAs and COAs do have some influence on where panels are accepted. An architectural board or committee can dictate factors like location of panels, as long as they are within 45 degrees of due south of said location and will not increase the installation cost. But as stated in Florida Statute 704.07, a negotiation of solar easements is acceptable in order to guarantee a property owner’s solar panels receive enough sun exposure. Any restrictions imposed may not detract from the effectiveness of the system since due south is the best placement for Florida solar panels. Requirements that mandate a solar system be screened from view will violate the statute due to increased shading and added cost of a visual barrier. 

So, if you’re ready to go solar but have an HOA or COA, be sure to have a written copy of any requirements they may have for your solar system. Then, work with the Super Solar team to come up with the best and most affordable solutions for your home – feel free to bring that gift basket, if you want! Schedule your free energy evaluation today or give us a call at (813) 680-5627 to learn more.