How To Maximize The Energy Savings Of A Solar System

DId you know that the average family’s solar system pays for itself in about seven years? Amazing.

But, what if you could squeeze even more savings out of this energy powerhouse? Super Solar has some tips that will help maximize your solar system’s performance.

Here comes the sun

Solar panels only work during the day, right? Wrong! Instead, they can actually store power during the day and provide a reserve of energy available at night.

But, it is true that they do their best work in the sun. During peak sunlight, you may be able to power most of your home using solar energy. In order to optimize this off-the-electric-grid time, make sure to save your most energy dependent activities for those sun-drenched mornings or afternoons.

Also, make sure your solar panels are getting a nice tan – that is, facing the right direction and clean. Appropriate angling can increase efficacy up to 2%.

Lastly, be sure to check with your utility provider on any solar energy incentives during peak-use hours.

One at a time, please

Want to run the washer and dishwasher in the middle of the day? You can, but you will most likely end up using both solar energy and electricity to complete both jobs.

When you run multiple major appliances at the same time, the likelihood of dipping into the electric grid increases. This means your electric bill does too!

Instead, try to stagger energy use by using one major appliance at a time. This will create a more efficient use of available solar energy throughout the day.

Full of hot air

One of the most efficient ways to lower heating and cooling costs is to ensure air leaks are removed. Through sealing ducts and/or insulating walls and attics, your HVAC will require less energy. This means solar energy can be diverted to other household uses, making it more cost effective for you.

During Super Solar’s initial free home energy audit, our team of experts will investigate any energy “leaks” and HVAC issues due to problematic insulation or ventilation.

App-y and you know it

Another way to optimize your system’s performance is to track your energy usage. This will allow you to monitor when, where and how you are using energy in your home.

When you install a solar power system with Super Solar, you will receive access to a 24/7 system monitoring app. Track solar panel efficiency, details on the amount of energy and money saved over time are all available and at your fingertips with this helpful app.

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