We’re more than just a solar company! At Super Solar, we take pride in offering whole home energy solutions so you can enjoy more affordable solar. Our services include:

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Solar Panels

Trust our solar experts to guide you through the solar panel installation process and maximize your home energy efficiency and solar ROI!

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We’ll make sure your insulation is up to code, and meeting standards set by the Department of Energy for maximum efficiency.

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Attic Ventilation

Our attic ventilation services ensure you have the right ventilation products in place to prevent mold and mildew, and reduce your electric bill.



High quality HVAC systems reduce home energy use. That’s why we’re proud to offer a full range of HVAC and duct services to the greater Tampa Bay area.

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From window caulking to weather stripping, our team will address floor-to-ceiling air infiltration throughout your home.

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Smart Thermostat

We’re pleased to offer smart thermostat installation to the Tampa Bay area to help you save on electricity and lower your monthly bill.

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Hybrid Water Heaters

Upgrading to a hybrid water heater can drastically improve your energy efficiency, which is why we’re committed to providing the best water heater installation services to Tampa Bay!

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LED Lighting

Our professional LED lighting installation goes hand-in-hand with our solar energy solutions, helping you maximize on your electric bill savings.

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Solar Screens

Eliminate up to 90% of heat transfer in your home with our professional solar screen installation!

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System Monitoring

With every solar system installation, you’ll receive Super Solar’s System Monitoring app to track and monitor your solar production 24/7!

We strive to be among the best solar companies in the Tampa Bay area. Our affiliation with Super Heat & Air allows us to provide you with entire home energy efficiency so you can save on solar panel costs. Unleash your home’s super power, and schedule a free energy evaluation today!

Advantages to Whole Home Efficiency

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yellow checkmark Reduce or Eliminate Electricity Bills

yellow checkmark Extend the life of your HVAC

yellow checkmark Reduce Gas Bills

yellow checkmark Increase Your Home Equity

yellow checkmark Increase Comfortability in Your Home

yellow checkmark Create a Cleaner Environment for Future Generations

yellow checkmark Lower Your Carbon Footprint

yellow checkmark Have Room to Grow Your Solar System, Should You Need More Power in the Future

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